Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 Question


1. What role does the media play in our lives?

It can be parts of our brain. We can be influence by the media by movie, sogs, or radio. They can teach some bad things and also goods. Like the movie, the radio keeps saying Tutisi are cockroaches and wanting to kill them. The Hutu who listens, soon, will be affected and starting to kill Tutisi.

2. Have you ever read a news story that made you angry or want to take action?

Yes, I did. I remember a guy killed his father by knife just for money. I would really want to meet the guy and hit him badly or even kill him slowly with pain. Because its unbelievable to kill a person who rise you up and spend time with you for so long.


3. Who is accountable for the media?

I sometimes think is the Satan, he may control someone to teach bad stuff. But also, by self point of view. If I am the writer of news in Syria, and I hate the UN. I may write that the UN is forcing the Syrian, and killing them. So when my post is published, people will begin to start thinking that the UN is bad.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Syria News


 Just 10 hours ago, a bombing event have occured in Syria. The bomb exploded in two places, Damascus which is the capital city and Aleppo. 5 innocent people died due the the exploadtion.
  The bombing in Damascus did not hurt any people, but the bombing in Aleppo killed 5 citizens. They don't know the reason of the bombing. Recently, Syria has many cases of death. This bombing isn't a big deal compare to others, it's quite sensitive that cases happened before the election on May 7.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Duty for WORLD

1. I think he is telling the audience that you should DO SOMETHING when you see injustice. And he is not just telling us, he is ashamed because he didn't do it, so he wrote this to express the feeling.

2. YES!! but....than no.... the reason why I say yes in the first time is because when I think of the just make me mad at them, so the first thing that come up in my mind is, " YES! they were so BAD!" But when I actually think through, some of the citizens should be innocent. They are born in Germany, and they can't changed the fact. So I kind of feel sorry for those people.

3.I take a huge responsibilty in my family. First, I need to be a good kid for my parents, and that includes my behavior, grades, attitude, and respect. I have to do house works so that my dad can rest a litte bit. Secondly, my sister. I need to be a role model for her. I help her when she needs, and be good so that she can learn form me. And third, is to make my family happy. I should never let my parents down.
  In school, I am responsable for being a student. I have to do the right things such as being on time, do homework, and listen to instructions. Also, the campous. I shouldn't be throwing trashes or breaking stuff because it's a public place for all the TAPA students. The last one is to be responsable for my classmates. I need to help them when they need just like my sister. It's because we are related to each other, I should not be selfish.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Different Perspective Of the Movie

-First Person:
when the man was looking at his own feet on the board and started singing. We see on the screen that the character sings by himself, and what we see is what he sees which is his feet.
-Third Person Limited:
When all the soilders lines up and going to shoot him. I know and I see the screen showing the soilders taking their guns and aiming at him. They don't have to talk, and we will know what they would be thinking. Another scence is when he is running to his wife. His wife looks happy and have tears in her eyes. We can know that she feels really happy through her action without any words or talking.

-Objective point of View:
The narrator didn't participate, but we can know the narrator is telling the scence through the background music. When the man escape, the background music starts, and it describe the feeling of man escaping and we can know the feeling of escape just by watching it and listening the music.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas Love.......Story(Gift of Magi)

Kevin Mai
English II

Christmas Love

It's not that cold during Christmas time in Taiwan. But It's raining almost everyday.

This is a lovely time for couples in high school, boys help holding the umbrella for

girls, and having one arm goes around girls' waist. Boys feel great and girls feel safe.

There are a lot of couples in Taipei High school, everybody is preparing for Christmas

because they want to have a great one with the one the love, especially for the seniors.

Girls get together and discus about the dinner they are going to have or what they are

going to dress. On the other side, boys are preparing for the gifts and dinner so hard that
they can't focus on studying.

" Jack, I am so exciting for Chriatmas day! I can't wait." says Julia.

"I am too sweetheart, put more clothes on when you go out for dinner tonight. I will let you know when I get home."

Jack and Julia are the best couple in the entire High school. People always look up to

them, and girls sometimes get jealous because Jack love Julia so much that it seems like

there's no others in his eyes, all he sees is Julia. And Julia is a smart and pretty girl.

They both think they are so valuable to each other. Jack is always beside Julia, he

would wait in the morning at her house, help her to take bags or books, go home with

her, and do everything that Julia needs.

Unlike everybody else, Jack has already plan a wonderful dinner for Julia and him.

The dinner is special and romantic because on the 25, it's their 4 year anniversary. On

the other hand, Julia is tring to make a Tiramisu for Jack because it's his favorites dessert. " I will give him my handmade Tiramisu after we are done with the wonderful

dinner." she says in her head.

"Jack, you ready for tonight?" Zac asks.

"Yes sir! I am going to be a surprise for her!" Jack answers.

Jack does the same things as usual, he waits for Julia in the morning and helps her to

carry the bags. He goes to classes with her and gives her a kiss before the bell rings for

the first period of class. The times goes slow on this day for Julia because it's the day

that they are going to have dinner. Julia watches the clock goes tik tok tik tok.

At lunch time, as usual, Jack is waiting for her at the door. Julia has a special feeling

for seeing him today, and as she walks toward to him, Jack says, " hey~ how's your

class? Did you focus or you were watching the clock?"

" I was watching the clock, I am so exciting Jack."

"Umm, I am too, I am going to have lucnch with Zac today, so can you go eat with
Jennie just for today?"

"Oh, Ok."

Jack puts her bag into locker and walks fast to the gate, Julia is kind of confuse. She

thinks Jack is kind of weird but she doesn't think too much. She goes out to lunch with


When Julia gets back to school, Jack wasn't there as he did usual. Julia feels weird

while she is taking her bag whcih Jack would carry it for her in the past. "Where's

Jack? Class ais going to start" She says. Julia worries about him so much that she isn't

paying attention to the teacher and the time. As the school ends, she quickly runs out to

the middle park of the school, and while she is running with all the worries for Jack, she
hears some students are saying that a handsome guy with roses and suit on is standing

infornt of the gate. Julia stops, "Could it be him?" She questions in her mind.

When she finally gets the the middle park of the school, she hears someone is calling

her with a kind voice. "Julia~" So she turns around and sees the guy with nice and black

suit on and a cute orange tie. He is carrying roses just like the students has talked while

she was running. "Julia~" the handsome guy calls. The voice is so attractive that Julia

just walks toward and toward. He looks so familiar......"Jack?! Is it you!?" She shouted

with excitement.

"Who else?! Is me!" Jack answers. "Sorry I lied to you about having lunch with Zac, I went to buy roses and changed my clothes. And the dinner is waiting for us, let's go!"

Julia is so shock, she can't believe the guy that almost all the school are talking about,

jealous about can do such a romantic things for an ordinary girl like her. Jack grabs her

hand as all the students are watching, and takes Julia to his house for the wonderful dinner.

The candles lights the living room, the essence of rose smells romantic, and as they

walk toward the table, Jack lights up all the candles. The candles formed a heart shape,

and on the plate, there's a well set of pasta with cheese and bacon. Julia loves pasta with
cheese and bacon. This is so lovely and amazing to Julia. "You did all this when you

were gone in school?" she asks. "Just for you my dear." Jack answers. Jack smiles

fascinated Julia. The whole things are fascinated and unforgettable for her.

The romance isn't gone even when the candles are blown. Jack hugs her for a long

time. " Sorry, I forgot to bring your gift......" Julia says softly with her head on Jack's

chest. Jack doesn't say anything, he pull an envelope out with cute stickers on it. "This

is for you,Julia" Julia takes it and put it on the table because all she wants is being

hugged by Jack. They are silent, but enjoying.

25th has finally come. The whole school is surrounded by excitement and happiness. It

is definetly special for Jack and Julia. Everybody in the school knows its there four

years anniversary. When they come in to school, everyone is looking at them with a

smile and congrats.

" We are so famous right?!" Jack tries to fool around.

Jack does everything as usual. They have breakfast and lunch together, they hold

hands all the time, Jack carries bag for her, tell her to focus in class, and takes a good

care for her.

Day goes fast for they two. All they listen and talk about in class is about their love

and relationship, even the teachers. Julia is proud to say everything they have done. "He

gave me a huge cute teddy bear, chocolate for girls period, snack when she's hungry,

and the romantic dinner they had." She says in the class.

While Julia is talking about this, Jack escapes the school again. As he is crossing the

road to come into the school, the little box falls from his pocket, Jack turns in the

middle of the road, and bends down to get it. A truck is coming fast and the driver tries

to stops the car but the road was so slippery that the truck hits Jack.

" Where's Jack? Did you see him Zac?" Julia asks.

" Umm...... I....don't know........" Zac replies.

" Today is our anniversary......why......" She starts to have tears in her eyes.

" Julia, Jack is in the hospital......" the teacher come and say to her.

Zac and Julia arrives in Shilin Hospital and Julia runs to the emergency room and

sees Jack. Blood are all over him, and his arms are broken. The nurse push Julia away

and claim her down.

Jack needs to have a surgical operation which the percentage of success is low. As

Julia is crying, she heard the sound of a door opening, it's Jack. Laying on the bed, she

runs to him and cry even louder.

" Shhh.....I am fine.....this is my you......sorry......I love you......" Jack says

in really terrible and soft voice as he gives the envelope that Julia forgot to take at that

night. The doctor pushes Jack to the operation room.

"He called me when he was on the ambulance, he didn't want you to know......I am

sorry.....Julia....." Zac says.

Julia dosen't say anything, she opens up the encpvelope. There's a cute card and a

beautiful ring in it. The card says,

Dear Julia, my sweat heart,

I am so lucky to met you and to be with you, you are the one for me. I love you so

much and I do not care what others say, this ring, symbolize my love for you. Even

though it sounds funny to say forevermore other people minds.......but, I love you

forever and ever. But because I love you so much, if one day, I can no longer I love need to stop loving me, I don't want you to get hurt. Happy Four Year!

The rain gets bigger and bigger. The doctor comes and shake his head. Julia is silent,

she haven't give the Tiramisu to Jack. She puts the ring back into the envolope with

another card that she wrote......

I love you, how can I live without you, I am used to the days you are beside me

wherever I go. The time we had, watching movies, lunch, you help me homework,

carried bags........Jack, you're the one for me too. I love so much that I will listen to you.

I will not love you and will not put the ring on......