Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 Question


1. What role does the media play in our lives?

It can be parts of our brain. We can be influence by the media by movie, sogs, or radio. They can teach some bad things and also goods. Like the movie, the radio keeps saying Tutisi are cockroaches and wanting to kill them. The Hutu who listens, soon, will be affected and starting to kill Tutisi.

2. Have you ever read a news story that made you angry or want to take action?

Yes, I did. I remember a guy killed his father by knife just for money. I would really want to meet the guy and hit him badly or even kill him slowly with pain. Because its unbelievable to kill a person who rise you up and spend time with you for so long.


3. Who is accountable for the media?

I sometimes think is the Satan, he may control someone to teach bad stuff. But also, by self point of view. If I am the writer of news in Syria, and I hate the UN. I may write that the UN is forcing the Syrian, and killing them. So when my post is published, people will begin to start thinking that the UN is bad.

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